Virtual Cards

One-Time Use Virtual Cards

Maximize your rebates, reduce risk, and save time on your corporate payables using virtual cards for outbound vendor payments.

Simplify the Way You Pay

Using credit cards and checks to pay your organization’s bills gives you little control over the payments you make to your vendors. Without any automation, manually writing and chasing down singular payments increases the potential for fraud, and your company becomes vulnerable to time-consuming and costly mistakes. Start paying your vendors with virtual cards, the safer and more efficient way to pay and maximize your rebates for cashback.

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Instant and Easy to Use

Single-use and digital virtual cards offer instant fulfillment and can be easily added to, altered, or canceled, and offer instant fulfillment. You can even set specific dollar amounts and expiration dates to further protect your assets. No more chasing checks! We track every step of the payment and handle reconciliation, so you don’t have to.

A Better Overall Experience

Virtual cards help improve:

• Turnaround time for vendors to receive payments
• Your bottom line through more rebates
• Backoffice efficiencies
• Vendor participation and relationships
• Payment security through one-time use feature

Implementation and Setup

Your virtual card program can be set up in as few as 7 days without taking up a bunch of your team’s time and resources. In just a week you could be maximizing your rebates and simplifying your outbound payments.

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U.S.-based and available 24/7/365, our dedicated customer service team can assist you with all aspects of AP Automation and Virtual Cards including integration, sending and receiving payments, tracking and reporting, and developing, printing, and sending customized communications. Additionally, we have agents available for outbound calls when you need to gather customer data or follow up on payments.