Messaging Management

Messaging Management for Well-Informed Customers

Running the day-to-day of your business means you don’t always have the time to stay in touch with your customers. Keep your customers updated on your business and their payments with convenient message management solutions from REPAY.

Through our platform you can increase customer engagement and satisfaction by providing business updates, answering questions, and promoting new offerings efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively via the way most convenient for you and for them. Using our opt-in preference center, you can ensure they only receive the messages they want.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Accessible through one user-friendly and secure portal, you can interact with your customers via the way most convenient for you and most likely to be accessed by them.

Create, approve, schedule, send, and track messages that drive engagement and increase visibility to your other channels. Add QR codes to boost monthly statements and promotional materials to promote an interactive experience that directs them to your website, mobile application, or other URL with a simple scan.

Delivery Channels

  • Print & Mail
  • Email
  • Text
  • Mobile
  • Web Portal
  • QR Codes

Sample Document Types

  • Statements
  • Letters
  • Checks
  • Tax Forms
  • Promotions
  • Alerts

Customer Messaging Perfectly Integrated with Payment Processing

List Management

Integrate to your existing customer relationship management software to import/export/manage lists, and define target audiences, keeping addresses current based on the National Change of Address database

Composition, Approval, and Release

Compose, format, and route messages for internal approval, utilizing complete tracking of versions, edits, approvals, etc., with quality checks and unmatched control

Dynamic Contexting

Trigger messaging based on intelligent processing such as customer status, account activity, state preferences, and other business rules


Track messages from initiation and processing to delivery, receipt, and response, featuring automatic mail reroutes to ensure they get to the right place

Document Management and Storage

Access entire messaging history hosted securely either on our portal or your platform

Automated Production

In-house production experts help you monitor every step of the messaging process, ensuring every message is mailed correctly and on time

Professional Print Options

Our fast, affordable printing on demand is controlled by your business rules to deliver the right message at the right time with auditable tracking. We support any delivery option, including certified and overnight, and collaborate with you to customize the design to meet your exact needs.

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