Credit and Debit Card Processing

Credit and Debit Processing. Any Card. Any Way. Any Time.

In today’s fast-paced world, having real-time payment options for customers is essential. REPAY credit and debit card processing allows lenders and businesses to easily and securely accept cards as a form of payment online, via a customer’s mobile phone, or at your physical location. And we have relationships with multiple banks so you can rest assured you’ll always have uninterrupted access to funds.

• Omni-channel payment capabilities
• Real-time convenient payment options
• No negative customer impact
• Transactional reporting and risk & fraud monitoring
• Anytime acceptance 24/7/365

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Our Payment Methods

We make credit and debit card processing easy for small businesses and larger enterprises. From our accepted card brands to our wide variety of payment methods, we’ve got you and your customers covered.


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Reduce Transaction Declines with Active Safe

Active Safe automatically updates stored cardholder payment data with no manual work required by you.
Contact us to hear more about Active Safe and the benefits it offers you and your customers.

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It’s no secret that having cash and checks at your location isn’t the safest option. Credit and debit card processing solutions increase the safety of your store by locking payments in a virtual vault. And we work constantly to help you maintain compliance and meet security regulations.


Peace of mind is easy with REPAY. With multiple bank partnerships, we guarantee redundancies, so you can rest assured there’s a bank behind every transaction.


Our 24/7/365 customer service will assist you with every aspect of the merchant card program, including transactions, deposits, hardware and software, chargebacks, risk mitigation and billing.