AP Automation

Simplify Your Vendor Payables

Stop spending valuable time managing vendor payments and get back to the things that matter. Implement efficient electronic payment options to simplify how your business makes payments.

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Ditch the Checks... and the Hassle

On day one, we can automate 100% of your payments to your suppliers regardless of their capabilities. Available through a single integration to your existing platform, we handle all aspects of your outbound payments, electronically and automatically paying your vendors.

• Batch files are sent to us
• Out platform electronically pays your vendors
• Reporting is automatically updated.

We pay them using their preferred method, including Virtual Card and ACH, and we even obtain, manage, and safely store your vendor payment information! Paying invoices and reconciling payments has never been easier.

No Cost

Completely Paperless

Automatic Transfers

Timely Tracking

Visibility & Reporting

Simplicity and Savings

Save an average of $13 per transaction when you eliminate paper checks and take advantage of processing rebates.

• Eliminate manual data entry
• Avoid late payment and other potential fees
• Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
• Maintain consistent movement of funds
• Easily manage exceptions and retry payments

Meaningful Vendor Messaging

Let us manage your outbound messaging and communications! Through our integrated platform, you can send any kind of communication to your vendors using print and digital resources. From connecting with new vendors to notifying existing vendors when payment is available, we can help you design messaging that works best for your business.


U.S.-based and available 24/7/365, our dedicated customer service team can assist you with all aspects of AP Automation including integration, sending and receiving payments, tracking and reporting, and developing, printing, and sending customized communications. Additionally, we have agents available for outbound calls when you need to gather customer data or follow up on payments.

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